Sub2 Cookies Information

Welcome to the Sub2 Cookies Information page, which sets out details of the cookies that Sub2 Technologies Limited ("Sub2" or "we") facilitates as part of our services to our clients.

The most likely reason that you are reading this page is because you have clicked a link in a Sub2-enabled website's privacy policy or cookie policy, seeking information on what cookies Sub2 assists our client website owners and third party ad networks in using via our clients' websites.


Cookies are small pieces of text stored on your device when you visit a website. Essentially, cookies allow a user to be identified and for their use of a website and related functionalities to be tracked. This information can be used for a number of purposes, including serving you with advertising which is more aligned to you and your interests.

Sub2 does not directly place cookies on your device its clients' websites. However, it does act as an intermediary in order to facilitate the use of cookies by third parties by letting them know when to place cookies via its clients' websites. Sub2 facilitates the use of different categories of cookies as follows:

  • First party cookies set by the website owner - these are used in relation to Sub2's services for a specific client. The cookies are used (i.e. 'dropped' or 'set') and accessed by our client via their website. In this case, the relevant Sub2 client (who might have directed you to this Sub2 Cookies Information page) acts as the "data controller" of any personal information associated with this cookie. Sub2 then uses the cookie data as a "data processor" on behalf of, and on the instructions of, that client; and

  • Third party advertising cookies set by Sub2's third party advertising network partners - when providing services for our clients, Sub2 acts as an intermediary in order to let third party advertising networks know when to place their own advertising cookies via our clients' websites. These third party advertising networks obtain the relevant cookie data to be able to serve targeted advertising to you. The cookies that are used are not Sub2 cookies and Sub2 does not access the cookie information from the viewer's device directly.

Further details of the cookies used under each of these categories (and links to disable them) are set out in the sections below.


(V1V4, S2SV4 and S2LBHV4)

ProviderCookie nameDescription
Sub2 (set by website owner)v1v4This is the main Sub2 cookie that allows all Sub2 services to operate. It allows the Sub2 applications to function for the client site you are interacting with and registers the URL's of the client website that you are visiting.
Sub2 (set by website owner)s2sv4This s a session cookie that stores information such as the presence of an email address against this cookie, the number of pages into this session and a customer or non customer flag
Sub2 (set by website owner)s2lbhv4This is a first party cookie that is used only when certain Sub2 applications are operational and stores details relating to presence of an email, the number of pages visited within the session and the Sub2 ID's of the services running on the website.

Further details:
  • These cookies are first party cookies which are relevant only to your device when browsing a brand's website where that brand has enabled Sub2 Applications.
  • Where you have given personal information such as your email address (for example by completing an order, signing up for a newsletter or completing any other information boxes on our client's website), this personal information will be collected by these cookies. However, this personal information will only be used to contact you on behalf of the brand on whose website you are browsing if you have given the appropriate permissions.
  • These cookies do not track your browsing on other websites. Unlike some types of cookie (such as many targeted advertising cookies), these cookies are not used to see what other websites you visit. They only track your use of the Sub2-enabled website operated by our client.
To disable the above Cookies click here.


ProviderCookie nameDescription
Google Doubleclick__ncuid, IDE, DSID, Cto_lwid, _ct_rmmFor more information about the type of cookies Google use please see Please visit the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page to optout

If you would like more information about the Sub2 cookie and how we use it, then please contact us at

Date last updated: 24 May 2018