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The most likely reason why you are reading this page is because you have clicked a link in a Sub2-enabled website's privacy policy or cookie information page, seeking information on what the Sub2 cookie is and how it is used by the website owner.

Sub2's technology is designed to respect your privacy and ensure that you have control over how we, and the websites you visit, make use of information about you.

Sub2 helps website owners understand how visitors and registered users are using their websites, so that website owners can improve users' experience on their websites and in buying or using goods and services provided by website owners.

If you consent to use of the Sub2 cookie, then this is used to ensure that the Sub2-enabled website is able to recognise you as you use the site, and ensure that you are getting the right experience from it. The website owner may also use information about how you use the site to contact you in accordance with your agreed contact preferences for that site.

Please note:

  • We at Sub2 make no use of your personal information for our own purposes (though the website owner may do so for the purpose described above). Our systems process information about how you use the Sub2-enabled website on behalf of the website owner, in accordance with the website owner's privacy policies. The website owner is the "data controller" for the purposes of the Data Protection Act, with Sub2 acting only as a "data processor" on behalf of the website owner.

  • Our own use of the cookie is restricted to non-personally identifying information such as demographic information.

  • The Sub2 cookie does not track your browsing on other websites. Unlike some types of cookie (such as many advertising cookies), the Sub2 cookie is not used to see what other websites you visit. It only tracks your use of the individual Sub2-enabled website.

  • The Sub2 cookie for each Sub2-enabled website is only used for that website. If you visit another Sub2-enabled website, a separate Sub2 cookie will (with your consent) be placed on your computer or mobile device.

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If you would like more information about the Sub2 cookie and how we use it, then please contact us at sub2cookieinformation@sub2tech.com

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